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Through some of the sites I read and keep up with I picked up on a tip that has helped me stay upbeat even through slow times.  That tip was to keep an Active Prospect List.  What is meant by an active list is this; wherever you can do it (Phone, Ipad, Computer, Paper, etc), keep an ongoing prospect list.  With that list add at least 2 names to it every day, whether it is someone you know or someone you don't know yet.  Once you add them to your list, get them in the system...peak interest, get them information, 3-way call, informational meeting...rinse and repeat

Numbers don't lie, if you can add 2 names to your list every day that will be 730 names per year.  That will be more than enough to keep you busy and if you close just 1 out of every 10 of them you will end up bringing 73 people into your business in a year.  I don't think I need to explain what will happen if you can teach those 73 to do the same thing...You will mark names off your list but as long as you keep your list going you will never run out of people to prospect!

If you have ideas or little tidbits like this please pass them along either in the comments section or email them to one of your upline leaders and we will get them posted!  Anything that is working for someone else is worth posting and we want to hear about it so everyone can benefit!

Brian Beane - Prospecting

For those of you who were unable to make it to the Team Elite Conference I wanted to highlight a key speaker and what he had to say. 

With that in mind, I have been getting a lot of questions from new enrollee's on how they get started in the business.  If you have yet to see the Training Blog Entry that we did a little while back, one of the key speakers at the conference covered the process you should go through.  I will do my best to do it justice in this entry:

Brian Beane is the founder of and has a lot of experience in Network Marketing.  In one of his 2 talks he went over the process he goes through and some of the thoughts he had.  What I took away from it was this:
  • If you are talking to everyone the same, you are talking to them wrong
    • His point was this; you will talk to people who have different interests in the product (lose weight, get healthier, make money, etc.) and you need to talk to each of them with that interest in mind.
  • If you are doing something that can't be repeated 1000 times you shouldn't do it once
    • The main part of this point was that you should use those in your upline and the process they have created to make the most effective use of your time.  Most, if not all, of us are doing this on a part time basis.  For that reason you need to use the resources available to you to leverage your time.  Brian had the following list of steps to go through:
          1. Keep People on Deck
            • Make a list and categorize it.  Find 5 people who just lost their job, 5 people who just got married, 5 people who just had a baby, 5 people who just graduated college...and so on.  Once your are done with your list ASK THOSE AROUND YOU FOR A LIST even if they are not involved in the business with you.
          2. Pique Interests
            • Once you have your list get in contact with those people.  Use what you have to do that but keep it short and ask simple questions.  Remember; ANYTHING OTHER THAN "NO" IS "YES".
            • If you call someone and simply ask them; "Are you interested in making extra money?" or "would you like to lose weight?" just something simple.  They will likely have their interests piqued and that is when you go to the next step....
          3. Pass them to the Information
            • Once you have their interests piqued pass them to the information.  Just ask them to call the buzz call (3 minutes - 760-569-1245) or send them to the opportunity video on you tube or at the top of this blog.
            • Once you have told them how you are going to get them the information or where to go set up a time to follow up with them...then go to the next step
          4. Follow-up
            • This is a great place to use a 3-way call with an upline member.  This can be especially useful if you are new to the business.  A 3-way call can not only show support but you can use the upline support to answer questions you may not know.  It also shows the prospect that they don't have to have all the answers because they will have that support too.
          5. Get them to an Event
            • If they are interested but still not ready to commit after you follow up get them to an event.  There are PBR's constantly and if we can't find one or set one up in their area we will try something else.  Just get them to an event so they can find out more about the product and the opportunity.
I know this has been fairly long but I wanted to cover that process because it is a process you can go through with all of your prospects.  Remember, you aren't trying to sell a product to them, you are introducing them to a product and/or opportunity.  If they are not interested at some point in the process don't get discouraged just say "OK, Next!"  If you have to spend a lot of time convincing 1 person it could cause you to miss someone else who may really be interested.

Like we have said in numerous posts.  Feel free to contact your upline support and if we can not help we will find someone that can.  Post in the comments sections or send us emails if you have success stories, ideas or anything you would like to share or ask.  We will do our best to address anything we can.  Let's BE GREAT!

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  1. I have found that the Zija newspaper is a great way to get information into the hands of prospects. Give the prospect time to absorb the information and then contact them in a few days to see if they have any questions, ask them what they liked about the product. That opens up a conversation.